The burden of a cold on a chemo girl

May 12

One day last week I started the day just fine, but then I felt a cold coming on.  My spidey-senses were all tingling: I could feel it in my chest, head, face, nose, eyes–it just felt like it was going to be a doozie. I leaned heavily on the cart as I went to the grocery store in what felt like a last stand: I got chicken noodle soup, apple sauce, crackers, and tea.  I did not even get the rest of the things on the grocery list, I just got my sick-y supplies and left… that’s how bad I was feeling. I crawled into bed and have been keeping only-the-barest-of-essentials afloat since then.  Greta’s birthday happened so I — of course — rallied for all of that awesomeness.  Brad and the girls also gave me a splendid Mother’s Day.  I think my favorite moment from this year’s Mother’s Day was our homemade pancake breakfast.  They came to take my order, and I was prepared for blueberry, chocolate chip, plain, etc.  However, the interactive hand-written menu they created wanted me to choose my pancake shape; I had about a dozen choices!  All three really went out of their way to make me feel loved and special all day. Aside from these super-moments, I have been quiet.  I resorted to getting a box to put on my desk so that the leaning pile of “Jen’s stuff to deal with” does not spew off onto the floor.  That box is now full and I am on the fence today about whether to get another box or whether to devote energy to finding out what happened last week via the box’s contents.  I’ve waved at friends across the yonder instead of going to talk because I just can’t.  I’ve cancelled stuff.  Next-to-no-one is hearing from me.  Even my inner-circle people are hearing only echoes coming from my direction; sorry folks!  And yesterday I had twenty texts pop through at the same time; I have no idea what that is about or if I have been missing messages. So, here I am nine days after my cold started, and I am still not back to normal.  On the bright side once this cold is over, “chemo...

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Our happy spring

May 02

I can’t decide if I haven’t written because there’s nothing going on, or whether I haven’t written because there’s so much going on. Our “goings on” is all good stuff. Greta is playing her first ever season of soccer.  It’s highly adorable.  She wavers between hating the sport and not wanting to play ever again, and then beaming while she proclaims her love for the game.  If you know Greta, you do not find this surprising.  She cried at her first practice because, “The kids kept stealing my ball.  They are so mean.”  A month later, at our game on Saturday (where Brad, Maren and I sat huddled under an umbrella), we told Greta we would buy her ice cream if she scored a goal.  Two goals later, and that girl got her ice cream.  As of today, she thinks soccer is pretty cool. Maren is playing her fourth season of volleyball.  She can anticipate, move to the ball, and get herself in the right position to play the ball (most of the time.)  Her serves are more likely to be in and playable rather than misses or shanks.  She’s a confident leader in this arena as she has more relative experience than most other girls in the gym.  She has close friends on the team, some old, some new, and it is really adorable to see her develop as part of a true “team”.  Brad and I both view the team experiences as formative in our childhood, so we enjoy watching that element grow. Maren’s birthday was last week.  She’s nine.  We let her plan the meals around her birthday events because that is a tradition that my family does.  For her birthday dinner, she chose campfire sandwiches with her friends.  (Brad has camping irons for cooking in campfires.)  He cooked them in our little fire pit on the back patio with perfect weather.  Maren’s recipe: buttered bread (like grilled cheese) with mozzarella, pepperoni, and marinara sauce in the middle.  Pizzamwiches!  It was really fun, and it really was so Maren.  She’s an awesome kid.  She loves stuffed animals still, which I feel like I need to mention because I can’t imagine she will love them as she does...

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